Barn to Yarn

Irma and Nemo

      Doris  and   Molly

Welcome!!   If you are looking for alpaca yarn and alpaca knitted products that are unique  and special, then  Barn to Yarn  is the site for you.

Our knitted products are unique and special because all are made by either Irma or Doris in their home in Princeton, Illinois, USA.  Many items are one of a kind or one of only a few.  We both hand knit and machine knit.

Our yarn is unique and special because it is from an individual alpaca.  Each alpaca's fleece is kept separate from shearing till the end product either yarn or knitted item. The yarn is not dyed. It is the alpaca's natural color. The fleece is processed into yarn at a mini-mill in Hastings, Minnesota, USA.

Barn to Yarn is the knitting and yarn business portion of Timber Edge Alpaca Acres.